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Jason Kahn / Alice Hui-Sheng Chang
Pan y Rosas Discos pyr172 Online Release

Jason Kahn // voice
Alice Hui-Sheng Chang // voice

Recorded in Melbourne, Australia, January 2015


Free download here:

Jason Kahn
Editions 004 Double LP

Jason Kahn // voice

Edition of 250
Heavy weight 180 gram vinyl.
Hand-painted covers on thick gray cardboard.

Recorded January 12, 2015 in Zürich, Switzerland.
Mastering, liner notes and LP artwork Jason Kahn.

Many thanks to the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia for their generous support.

This record is dedicated to the memory of Mark Trayle (1955 - 2015)

Download liner notes here.

Side A: Soundline 1 (20.46)

Side B: Soundline 2 (20.56))

Side C: Soundline 3 (20.47)

Side D: Soundline 4 (20.50)


Price including post to Europe: 24.00 euros

Price including post to rest of the world: 27.00 euros

Jason Kahn / Tim Olive
Fukuoka / Osaka
Notice 35 Cassette

Jason Kahn // analog synthesizer, mixing board, radio
Tim Olive // magnetic pickups

Edition of 100

Recordings made in concert at:
May 15, 2014 at Common Cafe, Osaka.
May 18 at Art Space Tetra, Fukuoka.

Mixed and mastered by Jason Kahn September 2014 - July 2015.


Price including post to Europe: 12.00 euros

Price including post to rest of the world: 14.00 euros

From Notice Recordings:

Kahn (American, living in Zurich) and Olive (Canadian, living in Japan) recorded these pieces while on tour in Japan in May 2014. This release features two unhurried explorations for radio, synthesizer, and mixing board (Kahn) and magnetic pickups (Olive). “Fukuoka,” presents a series of gradual unfurlings; pockets of pockmarked, dented and torn glass clusters, tumbling upon and over each other, perhaps briefly interlocking by way of some fragile barb, only to instantaneously break loose. “Osaka” is more comfortably structured, framed by a few small squalls abetting the range of synth and radio static; an instrumentation that resides between thin layers of shifting, jittery translucent timbres.

Kahn and Olive both demonstrate exceptional attention to unrecognized sounds (see Kahn’s ongoing Unheard Radio project), and one of the unique attributes of these pieces is their ability to make sounds whose sources, even with limited tools, aren’t quite placeable. Their sound palette occasionally finds tension between understood words and speech as sound: hearing a sound that may or may not be speech, and speech that may or may not be understandable. They possess a unique resourcefulness on this release that makes it a surprising listen.

Jason Kahn
In Place
Errant Bodies Press: Audio Issues Vol. 6 ISBN: 978-0-9889375-4-3
EAN: 9780988937543
112 pages

Based upon paying close attention to his surroundings, In Place documents the artist's sonorous engagement with specific locations. Spending hours at a given place within various cities, Kahn would do nothing else but listen, watch, and observe the daily life. Through such an elongated duration, sometimes up to 12 hours, a deeper and richer sense of place emerges. In Place is an elegant and thoughtful reflection on these experiences, capturing those small details that ultimately compose the world around us. Turning his ear to the daily life around him, Kahn's diaristic accounts capture an extremely tenacious form of attention—a bare listening.

Price including post to Europe: 15.00 euros

Price including post to rest of the world: 18.00 euros

Jason Kahn
For Voice
Confront CCS 48 CD

Jason Kahn // voice

1. Kid Ailack // 24:28
2. SoundOut // 23:32

Track 1 recorded by Jason Kahn May 9, 2014 at the Kid Ailack Art Hall, Tokyo, Japan.
Track 2 recorded by Kimmo Vennonen January 31, 2015 at the SoundOut Festival,
Canberra, Australia.

Many thanks to Seiji Hayakawa and Richard Johnson for making these concerts possible.


Price including post to Europe: 12.00 euros

Price including post to rest of the world: 14.00 euros

Two solo concert improvisations for unamplified voice recorded in Canberra, Australia at the SoundOut Festival in 2015 and in Tokyo, Japan at the Kid Ailack Art Hall in 2014. Employing extended vocal techniques, I use the voice to activate the concert hall, probing both room acoustics and the social space between myself and the audience. I've been working with voice for several years now. “For Voice” is the first release to document this work in a live context. These recordings are unedited.